Seedling time!

Young plants growing in greenhouse

By starting your own seedlings you can grow anything you like, not just what the garden centers want to sell. In the end you’ll find it is easy and you’ll save a ton of money..

Be sure and visit the new growing schedule for spring posted here.

How to Choose the Best Greenhouse Kit

-from the The Mother Earth News:

Shane Smith wrote an article for the April/May 2013 issue of the Mother Earth News about building your own greenhouse to bust the winter gardening blues!

greenhouse with curved eavesPeople who love gardens also love greenhouses. The best backyard greenhouses feed the need to dirty our fingers while the rest of the garden is dormant. Even a small greenhouse can provide effective season extension by jump-starting seedlings in spring. When managed properly, a greenhouse is a backyard oasis that yields fresh food year-round.

If a lack of construction skills is keeping you from building a greenhouse, consider a kit. The best greenhouse kit is one that fits your needs and your pocketbook. Continue reading

Shane Smith Wins American Horticultural Society Award

-from the American Horticultural Society

“AHS 2012 Great American Gardeners National Award Winners”


Shane Smith“Given to a public garden administrator whose achievements during the course of his or her career have cultivated widespread interest in horticulture.”

View the article about Shane Smith HERE.

Solar Greenhouses, Chinese Style

– from Energy Farms web site

Chinese-style solar greenhouse.“Another alternative is a greenhouse design developed in northern China in the mid-1980s that relies primarily or entirely on solar energy for heat. By 2000 these greenhouses already covered about 260 thousand hectares (650 thousand acres) in northern China, and by 2004 they were supplying residents of northern China with 90% of their fresh produce in winter… Continue reading

TIPS&TRICKS: Buying a greenhouse?


tipsTricks_lvs1Buying a greenhouse? The closer your greenhouse is to your home the better the care it will receive from you. Better yet if you can attach the greenhouse to your home or garage then the greenhouse will not only provide you with food and flowers but will also help to heat your indoor living space in winter.

Read more about the best location for your greenhouse in the book, “Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion.”