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Helpful Books and Software


Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion
– by Shane Smith
– Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion is a complete greenhouse gardening manual for the home gardener.
Secrets to a Successful Greenhouse and Business
– by Ted M. Taylor
– Ready to take a next step into a greenhouse gardening career? Secrets to a Successful Greenhouse and Business is a complete guide to starting and operating a high-profit business that benefits the environment. If you ever consider installing a greenhouse, or already have one, this book may help you turn your expenditure into a profitable venture.
Books about Hydroponics and Year-Round Indoor Growing Supplies
– This grower’s web site can help you find the best books about greenhouses and grow rooms.
Books by Sharon Lovejoy
– Interested in children’s gardens? Get the best books on the subject! Visit author, Sharon Lovejoy’s web site for a listing of all her wonderful books.


3D Garden Composer
3D Garden Composer is a garden software kit on CD-ROM for garden design, planning, landscaping. It includes plant encyclopedia pictures, a plant care calendar, gardening tools, plant diseases, advice on pests, and more!