Tropical Minnesota!

-Submitted by Carol Ford; Morris, MN:

young man with thermometer“Here’s a couple of photos from the beginnings of the greenhouse construction. My boyfriend Chuck keeps saying we should write an article about it to get published in Mother Earth News or something–but who’s got the time when there are seeds to sow and potting soil to mix!?!

What we’re hoping to do this coming summer is to put up a hoop house over the current large outdoor garden to get some season extension going. The cloches I tried last fall just couldn’t withstand a hard Minnesota cold snap and wind in December. Currently, I can supply 10 CSA share members with weekly deliveries through the winter and we want to get it up to 16 next year. I think we can do it.

tropical2 tropical3

I really do want to thank you for the inspiration, Shane. I keep your book on my bedstand and often find myself leafing through it before going to bed to look up this little idea or that piece of information. I wish I’d been able to see your grand Wyoming greenhouse back when I was getting started but at least I had the book as a reference–and the references in it proved useful, too.”

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