Q & A re: Tomatoes, cucumbers, sodium lighting


Submitted by: Edith Iwan, NM

Q & AI am completing a 18X24 greenhouse/place to relax and I live at 7,000 ft elevation in NM. I want to know your choise if you could only grow 1 tomato and 1 cucumber plant. Also, if I buy a high pressure sodium light to produce more fruiting, where do you put it when you have climbing plants? Does it have to be moved up as the plants grow?


You tomato and cucumber question is hard. If I were to grow only one it would probably be early goiath but I would probably graft it onto a tomato rootstock sold by Johnnys seeds. Most any European cucumber would do. Look in Stokes catalog for this. Much more is described in my book “Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion,” on varieties. For best yields you need to replant your tomatoes and cucumbers at least once every 8 months with new plants for optimum vigor. Yes, supplemental lighting needs to be mobile and moved with the plants. Different types of light have different distances. Check with the manufacturer. Also a lot about lighting and footcandles in the book.
Best of luck,