Patio into Paradise

-Submitted by Anonymous:

Patio is transformed into a greenhouse“What seemed to be an unfinished patio cover a few years back has developed into a wonderful winter paradise for the whole family. Although it started out as a 8 by 8 little plastic and fiberglass sheathed room, it eventually developed into a 8 by 25 foot system that could be installed each fall in a weekend for about $60.00. My greenhouse is at the rear of my home on the south side, just out the basement onto the patio. We shingled the entire roof area and supported the structure with 4 by 4′s.

Patio is transformed into a greenhouse

When fall arrives each year, I screw 2 by 4′s to the posts and frame it in on 24″ center. The side wall are completely framed in and insulated on the lower portion of the wall and the top half of the walls are screwed in for easy removal in the spring. Once framed in, Nylon twine in stretched horizontally across the studs before applying 6 mil plastic so it can help control it in high winds. The twine is also applied on the outside of the plastic and stapled to the studs. I found applying the plastic on a warm day, it can be stretched pretty tight. The inside is done in the same manner thus sandwiching the 2/4 walls. My benches are scrap lumber and old pallets screwed to the 2/4 walls and supported with old 4/4′s. Inside this greenhouse sits the outside faucet, so watering is a breeze. On cold nights scrap cardboard is placed next to the walls to help reduce heat loss. I have found that roofing felt paper is a great insulator and a heat catcher. Generally the greenhouse is heated with a 8ft baseboard heater. Sometimes at night the patio door can be left open for assisted heat and provide humid heat for our home during the day. It seems to be a wonderful system and definitely a place of refuge. Sometimes fresh tomatoes can be retrieved in January when the frigid cold is mere feet away.”

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