ASIDE: Food Security

Greenhouse made from old coolers.Gardens create abundance… have a little food security year-round!

It is not a question of whether you should have a greenhouse. Rather, it is a question of whether you can live without a greenhouse. Greenhouses can provide an abundance of food and flowers year-round. An attached greenhouse can add free heating to your home. Additionally, it is the perfect cure for cabin fever.

Greenhouse Gardening is not harder than outside gardening, it is just different. It is here cukes3where we try to help you with the common challenges of gardening in a greenhouse or sunspace. Also be sure to check out the most thorough reference on greenhouse gardening, the book titled “Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion.”

In the winter you food travels thousands of miles. Why not eat at least some of your nutrients from your own year-round greenhouse. It is fun and easy!