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You Want a Greenhouse… What Next? You Have a Greenhouse… Now What?
This is the premier site to help you with your home greenhouse garden.

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Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion provides a wealth of up-to-date information and tips for those who have a passion for gardening in greenhouses! Explore these pages to lead you down the path to the goal of a wonderful heat producing, food producing and flower producing greenhouse!
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ghlovinListen to the recent two-part podcast interview with Shane Smith talking about his 36-year career in promoting home greenhouse gardening with Jennifer Ebeling, who runs the gardening blog and Still Growing podcast.
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“…Shane Smith has been on the vanguard of ‘user-friendly’ greenhouse design and utilization for several years. Virtually any question which might be asked by either a novice or an advanced home greenhouse gardener is answered fully”
– HortIdeas

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Recent Posts

New year greenhouse resolutions

  1. Don’t let pest populations sneak up on you. Regularly check the undersides of the leaves and take appropriate pest control measures.  Grafted tomato plant
  2. Order my summer seeds in time- start checking out the new catalogs.
  3. Consider getting a bottom heat mat for starting seedlings and other propagation.
  4. Set up a system to harvest rain water into a barrel in your greenhouse.
  5. Seal up the greenhouse. There is still a lot of winter coming your way.
  6. Try growing more cut flowers to give to friends like sweet peas, stock, freesias and snapdragons.
  7. Try grafting your greenhouse tomatoes. stockRead more about it here.
  8. Create a space where you can simply sit and hang out in your greenhouse.

For more information on these tips and more check out the book “Greenhouse Gardener’s Companioncover991

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